We made it to Zion National Park!

We made it to Zion National Park! First thing in the morning, we met up with our friends @microadventurefamily and @lillbruns to tackle the iconic river hike together. Stella and Kai were total champs, rocking their dry suits and hiking/floating the whole way! The toddlers who got a free ride on our backs were troopers, and even (accidentally) got their toes wet a few times. 🙂 Just about everyone was stunned to the point of silence as we wandered in awe of this magical place. This is a day we won’t ever forget.
↠ Distance hiked: 9 miles RT
↠ Water temperature: 42 degrees Fahrenheit
↠ Air temperature: 52-57 degrees Fahrenheit
↠ Peanut Butter balls consumed: 18 (I’m telling you, these will change your life. Recipe coming soon!)
Where should we hike tomorrow?

Location: Zion National Park