Thanksgiving looked a little different this year

Thanksgiving looked a little different this year. 🌋 We spent it in the depths of the volcano on a family backpacking trip. There’s nothing quite like eating stuffing and gravy in the middle of the Hawaiian wilderness, under a blanket of stars. ✨ We even stumbled upon a “fog-bow” (fog rainbow) while descending into the crater that felt like something out of a storybook. The laughter, memories made, and togetherness enjoyed set our minds on the right path as we enter the Christmas season. How are you guys gearing up for the holidays?
Bryan’s pack: 55 lbs (tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads)
Megan’s pack: 35 lbs (clothes, food, cooking supplies)
Stella’s pack: 8 lbs (jackets)
Kai’s pack: 6 lbs (kids clothes)
Aria’s pack: 0.5 lbs (turtle stuffed animal)