It’s official – the Wild Blue Family is on the move

It’s official – the Wild Blue Family is on the move.
While Bryan was away getting his powered paragliding license (@aviatorparamotor 🙌🏼), the kids and I put the house up for sale (for sale by owner, because why not?). Thanks to the help from the kids, we managed to get it under contract before Bryan returned home! 💯 I still can’t believe it. So if you guys are looking for someone to sell your house, consider hiring your 7 year old. 😆
We’re right in the middle of making our lives a huge mess right now, and are so stoked to see the dust settle at our new #basecamp! Tons of new adventures and places to explore. Where are we moving? Well, that’s a good question. Here’s your clue for now: there’s heaps of wild blue. 🌍
Moving has a way of bringing up a lot of emotions. Gratitude, nervousness, excitement, fear. And every two minutes, they repeat themselves. Our most effective coping mechanism has been to spend more time in nature. It keeps us grounded and all the negative emotions seem to melt away. We’ve always been big advocates for hitting the trail, and this is yet another reason.
Great trails to explore during #spring in/near #bozeman:
↠ “M” trail
↠ Drinking Horse trail
↠ South Cottonwood trail
↠ Peet’s Hill trail
↠ Triple Tree trail (keep your mud shoes on for a little while longer)
↠ Hyalite Canyon Road (it’s closed until May 15th)
↠ Lewis and Clark Cavern trails
↠ Copper City trails
What’s the reason you got outside today?

Location: Bozeman, Montana