Hiking through the Haleakala crater with kids

🌋 A L O H A from inside a volcano!

The weather was questionable but the stoke was high, so we went for it. 12 miles through some of the most diverse landscapes we’ve ever seen. We started on the trail seeing no signs of life (at 10,000ft you can’t expect much) and ended in a rainforest filled with sparkling dewdrops under the warmth of the evening sun. Add a couple of rainbows in between and the day quickly stacked up to be one of our top 5 day hikes.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about HOW to do this with kids. Our main recommendation? Consistency. Start small and keep at it! Kids learn faster than adults and before you know it they will be running at the end of a long day and you’ll be left wondering how on earth you could get any prouder.

What do you love most about hiking?

Trip essentials (not sponsored, just love):
@arcteryx waterproof backpack
@epicbar snacks
@patagonia rain jacket
Merrell trail shoes
ErgoBaby kid carrier
Garmin Fenix Multisport GPS Watch