Family Camping on Haleakalā

Island life at 8,000ft was a success! ⛺️

A wildly less popular camping option on Maui is to sleep up in the clouds near Haleakalā. It’s legit #sweaterweather up there but you get views of the whole island (and the Big Island if you’re lucky!) when the clouds blow away. We knew we’d found the happy medium between life in the tropics and our love of the mountains when, as we were playing cards in our tent after dinner, Aria asked if we could stay forever. ❤️ Needless to say, the stoke was high when we all got to mummify in our sleeping bags while the stars came out to play.⚡️How cool is it that you can do that on Maui?!

People will think you’re crazy for packing a down sweater to Hawaii but if you want to camp in the clouds, trust me you’ll want it! Just don’t wear it off the airplane.