Dear friends, Greetings from the top of Angel’s Landing!

Dear friends, Greetings from the top of Angel’s Landing! 👋🏼
This is a hike worthy of all bucket lists. I can’t believe we’re here! There’s no view more dramatic than what you see hanging onto a chain bolted into a cliff.
All five of us regularly go rock climbing (heck, we even have a wall we built at our house). Bryan and I worked on strength and endurance every day for months so that we could carry all the kids on our backs if need be. We hike regularly as a family, even through winter. We made sure our minds were ready and that our emergency kit was thoroughly stocked.
In the first part of the hike, there’s a lot of switchbacks to climb. The incline never felt too bad because of them. On a hot day though, these switchbacks would become unbearable. Upon arriving at Hogsback, we all harnessed up. Stella and Kai were roped to Bryan, while Aria rode on my back in a pack. Bryan, the kids, and I were always holding onto the chain. The kids had smiles on their faces the entire time, and when asked “are you scared”? They would answer, “no, why”? Uhhh…
↠ Length: 5 miles RT
↠ Elevation gain: 1,500 ft
↠ Difficulty: Strenuous
↠ Pack: water, electrolytes, snacks, emergency kit, harness, rope, carabiners, guts and glory
If you attempt this hike, be smart about it. There’s a risk in everything you do, but it’s important to do what you can to mitigate that risk until it reaches your comfort level. Don’t forget to have fun, and enjoy the journey.

Location: Angels Landing – Zion National Park