Overlanding in Mexico

We just spent two weeks in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico with Expedition Overland. Having never been to Mexico before, this was the best possible way we could have asked to explore the country for the first time. Back roads, tiny towns, deserted beaches, amazing team, dreamy rigs. I even got to learn how to drive on the sand dunes and it was both terrifying and exhilarating. There’s probably some embarrassing footage that will eventually show up in an episode (currently taking tips on how to bribe the editor if anyone has a good idea). This is also the first year the team has incorporated powered paragliding into their overlanding fleet. Bryan is one of the ppg pilots and is completely stoked about it. Their first flight (post training camp in Florida) was on a beach, right along the Sea of Cortez. It went well and the stoke was high! Once the boys had a week of flights under their belts, they prepped for their first cross country trek. They flew 70 miles while the rigs chased them on “roads” down on the ground. They nailed it. Now with that under their belts, what will they plan next?! While we can’t share too many details (yet!), we can say this was a trip of a lifetime and we’re grateful to be part of the team.

I’m happy to report the kids had such a fun time at their grandparents houses while we were away that they were reluctant for us to come back. Thanks, kids. We missed you too.

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