Mother’s Day in the Woods

Bryan surprised us with a weekend away at a forest service cabin in the middle of nowhere Montana for Mother’s Day. It was the best surprise! This cabin had so much the character and views for days. Making our own food outside, hiking from our doorstep, chopping wood to keep warm – this is life.

3 tips for booking your stay at a Forest Service cabin:

  • Consider mid-week bookings. The best forest service cabins fill up quickly, so it will help to have some flexibility with timing.
  • No time of year is off-limits for a forest service cabin
  • Leave it better than you found it
    • Go the extra mile to clean the cabin out before you go
    • No need to leave anything (especially trinkets) there
  • Check the number beds before you go. In some cases, we’ve needed to bring a cot.
  • Hike from your doorstep! Take the time to get to know the area you’re spending time in. Watch for animals, observe the plants, and study the sky.