Hiking the Narrows in Zion with KIDS

Spoiler alert: this is on our “top 5 hikes of all time” list.  The kids were so excited to hike The Narrows!  I mean, it’s not every day you get to hike in a river. 

Right at the beginning of our hike, Kai was approached by a young boy who asked him if he had a hiking stick.  Kai replied with “no”, and then the boy promptly gave him his.  We were awestruck.  This act of kindness does not go un-noticed, nor will it be forgotten.  Kai was overjoyed.

The trail that leads to the Narrows is a beautiful one-mile walk along a riverbed.  We opted to wear our Chaco sandals and Teva’s for the kids, and they both worked wonderfully.  Aria slept in the pack for the first half of the hike as we waded by waterfalls and the kids found frogs to play with.  When she woke from her nap, we had lunch under a rock (shade was key: it was 100+F outside) and kept going for another hour or so.  We knew we had found our stopping point when the kids discovered a perfect swimming hole.  And they were right!   It was glorious.  All of us hiked the three miles out together back to the river walk.  And all of us fell asleep on the shuttle ride back to the park entrance.  😉 

On the way out, Kai found a boy without a hiking pole and wanted to pay it forward by gifting the pole to another boy.  The reminder to be generous, to go above and beyond, really hit home with us and we’re so grateful for the little boy’s generosity from the morning.

A day well spent indeed, and we can’t wait to go back.

Make sure to check water temperature and flow rates before you go.  If all looks good, gear up for a great time!

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