Hiking the Napali Coast with kids

When we pulled into the parking lot to hike the Napali coast on the island of Kauai, it was filled with giant red dirt mud puddles from the pouring rain. Great. At least the kids were excited about the wet weather.  We set out with pretty low expectations.  The clouds were so low it was hard to see the beauty we were knew surrounded us, and although our shoes were soaked two minutes into the hike – we kept going.  As you can see, shortly after we started hiking the rain clouds lifted and the sun (!!) popped out. Can you believe it?!  What a treat.  We found lots of interesting bugs, played tag, smelled the fresh rainforest smells, and continuously picked our jaws up off the ground as we went along.  

We did an out and back hike on the Napali coast trail, but are already planning our trip back to backpack the whole thing as a family. This hike easily goes down as one of our favorite hikes of our lives.