Exploring Malibu’s Wild Places

Until recently, I imagined Malibu, CA to be filled exclusively with beaches and high-priced acai bowls.  Well, we were in for a treat when we decided to try and find Malibu’s wild places.  Does that even exist?  We had done plenty of surfing the day before and were ready to explore the land.  While driving up a deep canyon, we found a campground located near the top called Malibu Canyon State Park.  We also found out this location happens to be the spot where the intro to MASH was filmed.  Pretty neat!  Just as dinner was coming to a roaring boil, several cautious deer came out from behind the trees to say hello.  We were able to enjoy the sunset together, and fall asleep as the stars began to dance in the night sky.

If you go: Grab a campsite where you can enjoy the sunset views.  The ones that back to the open vista are amazing.

*EDIT*  Two weeks after we camped here, we learned of a heartbreaking murder of a father in this exact location.  Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.