Exploring the Candy Cliffs in Southern Utah

According to Stella, Kai and Aria, the Candy Cliffs taste sweet.  Like Cotton Candy, apparently.  The Candy Cliffs, also called Yant Flats, are located just outside of Zion National Park in Southwest Utah.  We were fortunate to meet up with local area expert and photographer Arika Bauer with Zion Adventure Photog (@zionadventurephotog on Instagram).  If you can believe it, Arica is even sweeter in person than she appears online.  Arika led us to the cliffs, took these photos, and somehow orchestrated the most beautiful sunset.  Thank you Arica, for a magical evening we won’t ever forget.

The hike is only a mile or two to get to the cliffs, and from there the exploring opportunities are endless.  The kids really impressed me with their bravery and adaptability.  Only smiles and no tears, even after driving home in the dark on a bumpy road at 10:30pm.


For an evening hike away from home, pack jammies and toothbrushes for your kids.  That way, your kids can get ready for bed at the trailhead after an evening in nature and fall asleep the second they buckle their seat belt. Once you arrive back at home, transferring them to bed is easy and quick.

You can read more about what to pack and a trip recap here.

Photographer: Zion Adventure Photog