Couple’s Getaway: Skiing on a Glacier in Chamonix

This January we jet-setted to the iconic town of Chamonix, ready for adventure – but not knowing just how much adventure we were in for.

Every year Bryan and I take time to enjoy each other’s company, just the two of us, on a trip somewhere special.  We use this time to re-connect our focus as both spouses and parents.  This year we decided on Chamonix. It’s been on Bryan’s bucket list for years to ski Chamonix, so when we found a good deal we knew it was the right time to go! Special thanks to the grandparents who bravely managed the circus while we were away. 😉

Chamonix had just gotten close to 8 feet of snow when we arrived (yes, you read that right).  The first day we arrived, the entire valley was closed to skiing.  There was just too much snow!  So, we perused the town.  The next day we skied the groomers, and then the following day we were ready to go “off-piste”.  By far, the BEST thing you can do in Chamonix is to ski the Valley Blanche on the Mer de Glace.  The Mer de Glace is a 17 mile long glacier that when navigated properly, is the thrill of a lifetime.  We knew this would be fun, but this experience truly completely blew us away.

Because we were so close to Paris, we took a bullet train and popped over to say hi to the city.  We ate our weight in pastries while exploring the major sights.  We left in awe and barely even scratched the surface of this beautiful country.  France, we’re coming back for you.