Couple’s Getaway: Racing in New York City

Every year, Bryan and I try to take a trip with just the two of us. To re-connect, re-focus, relax and enjoy adventure together. After all, the family unit is only as strong as the marriage! We decided on a whim that we’d go to NYC for our 2017 trip. Bryan had never been, and I had fallen in love when I went there for a girls trip years ago.

There’s so much to do in NYC. The city is full of life, excitement, and adventure around every corner. A highlight for me was racing in the 911 Memorial race. All through downtown, along the water, and ending at the tower memorials. Pretty powerful, and boy was the “Proud to be an American” stoke high.

Bryan’s highlight was renting jet skis and touring around the entire island of Manhattan, including a quick zip over to the Statue of Liberty.  We rented through Sea the City and the owner is amazing.  Not to mention a completely fearless jet ski driver. We had way too much fun.

Renting Citibikes and zooming through traffic down Madison Avenue is thrilling. This was our main source of transportation, and I can’t recommend it enough!

Although we missed the kids like crazy, it was so, so nice to take time to hit the “refresh” button.