Camping near Zion National Park

When we were planning our trip to Zion, we knew we wanted to camp somewhere with a view.  Bryan’s other request was to get away from the crowds.  With Zion being such a popular national park, I knew we had our work cut out for ourselves.

Thanks to Google, we had a couple options written down when we arrived and decided to check out the sketchiest option first.  You have to drive past all these signs that say “private land” and “police will be called” because the road starts out on private property.  However, we kept driving and eventually found forest service land.  Then Bryan found what looked like a hiking trail, put the truck in 4-wheel drive, and rock-hopped his way to the end of the road while pine trees tickled the truck from every angle.  He drove to the very end.  Right in front of us, there was the most epic camp site I think we had ever seen!  The views, wow.  The crowds, non-existent.  The memories?  Priceless.