Being Brave at Wailua Falls

It’s always been tough for us to sit back and enjoy something from a distance. We like to get up close and personal! When we got to the Wailua Falls parking lot on the island of Kauai, it was certainly a lovely view of the falls from up above. We knew there had to be a way down to the bottom somewhere. So, Bryan went to investigate.

Sure enough, he found a trail right past the rusty “no trespassing” sign. As we were heading onto the trail, some locals noticed the sandals (“slippahs”) we were wearing and casually said to us “there’s no way you’re going to get down there with shoes like that.” Moving slowly and thoughtfully, we were able to make it down just fine. Our plan B? Go barefoot. This worked well too. Giving the kids opportunities to be brave is so good for them. This turned out to be one of our trip highlights and a day we’ll never forget!

Talented photographers and amazing adventure friends: Ruth Nyquist Photography and Misha Velasquez, Lifestyle Photographer