A Haleakala camp trip

There’s nothing that quite compares to sleeping under the stars as a family. Now that we are settled in to our new home on Maui, we have been filling our time exploring the island in search of epic camping spots. As you are well aware, camping is one of our favorite family activities and there are plenty of options here in Hawaii.

Camping up in or near Haleakala (the giant volcano on the island of Maui) is an experience unlike anything else. You can camp at either 8,000 ft or 10,000 ft above sea level. The stars are incredibly bright, and the horizon is endless. One of the most popular activities to do in Haleakala is to watch the sunrise (you need a reservation though). However, sunsets are epic up there as well – especially looking out from your tent while your toes are tucked away in your sleeping bag. Truly a bucket list item.

Leave no trace principles apply here, as always – and a goal to leave it better than you found it!


  1. Tent with rain fly
    • Hawaii gets a fair amount of drizzle/rain so be sure to pack some sort of rain cover, HOWEVER, it needs to be breathable
  2. Camp stove
    • We use the JetBoil SUMO – great for families
    • Fires usually aren’t allowed when camping in Hawaii, unless you bring your own containment device
  3. Water, electrolytes, coffee
    • Water is hard to find up on the volcano, so make sure to pack water and your electrolytes. And coffee, always coffee.
  4. Hiking shoes
    • Choose ones that have good traction and take to staining well (the red dirt is no joke)
  5. Bug spray
    • Kidding! You don’t need it this high in elevation
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Food
    • Dehydrated meals work really well here in Hawaii. You can pack them easily in your checked bag, they are lightweight, and, for the most part, nutritious.
  8. Backpack
    • Waterproof. This ensures that no matter the weather, your stuff stays dry. Small patches of rain/drizzle/mist move through frequently.
  9. Sleeping bag or blanket
    • Check the predicted low temperatures where you are camping. Typically, camping up in or near Haleakala you can expect nights to get down to 30-50 degrees fahrenheit.
  10. Camera
    • You’re going to want to document these memories.
  11. Warm hat and mittens
  12. Waterproof rain jacket