A Family Bike Ride

Thank you to Nite Ize for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely our own.

Bye winter, summer is here to stay! You could practically hear the cheers of excitement through the whole town when the last of the snow melted and the flowers started to bloom. Montana is, without a doubt, a magical place.

We could not be more excited to get out and explore. One of our favorite mid-week activities is to go on a family bike ride. If we time it right, we like to stay out late and watch the sun go down. Mind you, the sunset in Bozeman is at 9:12pm right now, so pro tip – have the kids nap before you go.

Something that has helped tremendously was installing our Life’s Adventure Kit from Nite Ize. This Fitness kit comes with:

These safety lights are rad because the majority are rechargeable.  I’m all about that! They were a breeze to install too. The lights literally illuminated our ride as we cruised down from the mountains back to our truck.  And while being able to see where we were going was helpful, having the peace of mind that we were also able to be seen by others was even better.  

It seems like just yesterday we were pulling a bike trailer filled with babies. Aria, our youngest, has been begging for a pedal bike – and I’m the one dragging my feet. Should we just get her one already?! I’m proud of these independent, brave kids who like taking risks. Summer is the best.