48 Hours in Balboa

Visiting Balboa gives us all the nostalgia.  You see, my grandparents used to have a summer home here.  Although they are no longer on island, we had to make a visit after returning from Catalina.  We did all the Balboa things: ate frozen bananas, rode the ferris wheel, and played at the beach.  Simple, wonderful living.  The newly renovated AirBnb home we chose was so cute.  Actually, I’m not sure there’s a single home on that urban island that isn’t cute.

Aria loved running up and down the sidewalks with her arms stretched out wide, convinced she was an airplane to make her faster so she could better keep up with Stella and Kai.

Stella found a gardenia bush in full bloom and declared that she wants to get married wearing these flowers.  Um, girl?  You’re 6 going on 18 … I thought you were supposed to stay little forever?!

Our kids share a special relationship – it gave us pure joy to hear them all giggling together as we we’d walk to and from the banana stand.